Shimabara Onsen Shiranui Festival

It began in the Edo period when Lord Shigemasa Matsukura built Shimabara Castle in this town and the castle town of Shimabara was born, shimabara has a long history of prosperity, hardship, and reconstruction, the spirit of “the spirit of both the literary and military arts is the foundation of the clan” can be seen in the “Matsudaira bunko” left by Lord Matsudaira Tadafusa,Noh and Kyogen were enjoyed by samurai, townspeople, and farmers alike. And while being nurtured by abundant nature and spring water, the festival expresses the wishes of the citizens of Shimabara, who live their lives while enduring the threats of nature, to face the mysterious Shiranui, which was once visible in the Ariake Sea, and pray for peace and tranquility in the future, it is a festival to express our gratitude for the history, culture, and blessings of the earth.

Shimabara Onsen Shiranui Festival Promotion Association

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The festival begins with a “Yuyu-jigae” to express gratitude for the blessings of the hot springs, followed by the “Shimabara Gamadasu Awa Odori Festival” in which dancers perform a gorgeous dance to a unique rhythm, and the “Shiranui Offering Stage” in which Shimabara’s traditional performing arts are performed.

Event Information

The 44th Shimabara Shimabara Onsen Shiranui Festival
Saturday, October 14, 2023

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