Save on Sightseeing! Shimabara Megurin Ticket

An essential item for sightseeing in Shimabara! Shimabara Megurin Ticket.
The ticket is in the form of a guidebook, so you can learn all about Shimabara! Just by showing the ticket at the applicable facilities and stores, you can receive various benefits. Please use this ticket when you visit Shimabara.

8 Major Privileges!

One-day free common admission ticket

Free admission to Shimabara Castle’s castle tower and the spring-fed garden “Shimeisou” for one day!

1.5 times more kanzarashi (white rice dumplings) for free!

Koi Cafe Yusuikan, located in the town where carp swim, will offer 1.5 times more kanzarashi shiratama (white balls) exclusively!

Original goods as a present!

Original eco-bag as a present.

Shop discount

Save money at participating stores in the city’s shopping district, restaurants, and souvenir stores. (The participating stores are listed in the guidebook.)

Activity Discount Privileges

Discounts on activities held at Shimabara Castle, Meguchari (electric bicycle rental) rentals, and 20% discount on entrance fees to GAMADOME, Tokutoku parking ticket, etc.! *Eligible activities are listed in the guidebook.

Discover Shimabara with QR Codes

You can scan a QR code to access a map that lets you learn about Shimabara.

Stamp Rally

Collect stamps at tourist facilities and stores to receive an original can badge!

Web Survey

Answer the web questionnaire and you will receive a bottle of “Tsubu Orange Mikan” for each person!

Tokutoku parking ticket

For Megurin Ticket purchasers only, two parking lots are available for 500 yen (normally 700 yen), which are ideal for “Shimabara Jimottee’s Trip”. *This is sold separately from the Megurin ticket.

  • Shimabara Castle Parking Lot
  • Yutorogi-no-Yu parking lot (near Carp Swimming Town)


Ticket validity

Valid only on the day of purchase

Ticket price
  • Adults 1,000 yen
  • Elementary, junior high and high school students 500 yen
Ticket Sales / Badge Collection
  • Shimabara Port Tourist Information Center
  • Shimabara Station Tourist Information Center
  • Shimabara Castle Keep Ticket Office
  • Seiryutei Tourist Information Center

Shimabara Tourism Bureau ☎0957-62-3986