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This product was developed as a souvenir product utilizing a local resource (Shimabara hot spring water) in cooperation with Unzen Mirai Kataru Corporation, and product development began in June 2020 and took six months to complete. This is our first year-round original product and the first product to use Shimabara hot spring water.

The hot spring water born in the magma pools of Tachibana Bay, which is then carried up the mountains and down again to the Ariake Sea, is transformed into three different types of hot springs… Unzen Hot Spring Village’s three bath series, “Shimabara Bijin”, “Unzen Bijin”, and “Obama Bijin”, are now available.

Shimabara Bijin – Plant power and carbonated spring water make your skin soft and supple –

Shimabara Bijin is a beauty face mask containing 50% of the highly concentrated carbonated spring water from Shimabara Onsen (hot spring water: moisturizing ingredient).

In addition to the cleansing power of Shimabara hot spring water, it contains two key Shimabara originals: Japanese plum fruit extract and mugwort leaf extract.


Hot spring water, water, BG, glycerin, plum fruit extract, wormwood leaf extract, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, citric acid

Chinese plum

In 1669, Lord Matsudaira Tadafusa was granted an additional 30,000 koku of land in Bozen and Bungo, and at the same time introduced the Bungo plum tree to Shimabara. In 1823, it was decreed that “those with large houses should plant many plums,” and plum cultivation became popular as a means of increasing farmers’ income. They were offered to the Shogun’s family as ume pickled in sake lees. Currently, about 300 red and white plum trees are planted at Shimabara Castle.

Mugwort (Artemisia absinthium)

Shimabara is home to the ruins of the former Shimabara Clan’s vegetable garden, one of the three largest medicinal herb gardens in Japan. Familiar as a Japanese harp among medicinal herbs, mugwort is used as a medicinal herb in many parts of the world.

Product Outline

Release date

December 1, 2020 (Tuesday), in order of availability

Product name

Shimabara Bijin (1 piece)

Retail price

440 yen (tax included)
*Price including tax varies depending on the sales location.

Sales location
  • Shimabara Castle Honmaru Kiosk
  • Seiryutei Sightseeing Center
  • Shimabara Port Tourist Information Center
  • HOTEL Seaside Shimabara
  • Unzen Mirai Kataru K.K. wholesale customers
  • Unzen Mikado Hotel
  • Tokyu Hands Nagasaki Store
  • Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum

14 cm (length), 11 cm (width), 0.3 cm (thickness)

Expiration date

3 years


Shimabara Tourism Bureau Co.


Unzen Onsenkyo 3-Yu Series

– Unzen Hot Spring Resort’s 3 sets of products will help you to enjoy a tour of the hot springs while moisturizing your skin. –

One type is sufficient for a glowing skin experience, but we recommend trying three types in a luxurious way. Reward yourself for your hard work! A gift to show your appreciation! Refresh your mind and body with spa beauty in the comfort of your own home!

The order in which to try the three different sets is,

  • 1. “Shimabara Bijin,” which contains 50% of a highly concentrated source of “bicarbonate spring water” with cleansing properties.
  • 2. “Unzen Bijin,” which contains 50% sulfur spring water that helps decompose melanin.
  • 3. “Obama Bijin,” which contains 50% of the source of “Chloride Spring” like a salt pack.

The above steps are recommended to improve skin texture and keep it moist.

*Unzen Bijin has been available since December 2018 and Obama Bijin since October 2019. Unzen Onsen and Obama Onsen are about 20 minutes away by car. Unzen Onsen at Mount Resort is a milky white sulfur spring, while Obama Onsen at Marine Resort is a salt spring that is said to be one of the best in Japan in terms of both volume and heat output. These local face masks are made by taking advantage of these features and using plenty of hot spring water from each of them.

Now being handled as a Shimabara City hometown tax return gift

CE203 Shimabara Bijin face mask 1 sheet

Donation amount: 3,000 yen

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CE204 Shimabara Bijin face mask 2 sheets

Donation amount: 4,000 yen

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CE205 Shimabara Bijin face mask 6 sheets

Donation amount 10,000 yen

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CE206 Unzen Onsenkyo face mask set of 3

Donation amount 7,000 yen

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