Heisei Shinzan

The most newly born mountain in the Heisei era

In November 1990, Mount Unzen Fugendake erupted for the first time in 198 years, the lava dome formed by the eruption was named “Heisei Shinzan” on May 20, 1996.

A lava dome is a volcanic body formed by the eruption of highly sticky lava, which first appeared on May 20, 1991, and since then, huge lava domes have been formed near the crater due to successive ejections of lava.

As a result, the height of the lava dome is higher than the summit of Fugendake (1359 m), reaching 1483 m above sea level.

Climbing Mt. Fugendake, you can feel it up close.

In May 2012, a new trail was opened to traffic on Mt, Fugendake, you can see Heisei Shinzan more closely at “Tateiwa no Mine” near the summit of Fugendake.