Shimabara Castle Open to the Public Free of Charge

Shimabara Castle boasts 400 years of history. In this commemorative year, various projects have been started and will be handed down to the future. In February, Shimabara Castle will be open to all Shimabara citizens free of charge! We invite you to experience the new charm of the historic Shimabara Castle and walk with us on our journey into the future.

Let us share the excitement and pride of the 400th anniversary of Shimabara Castle with all Shimabara citizens and build a story of Shimabara Castle that will continue into the future.

Shimabara Castle 400th Anniversary Special


Free period

From February 1st, 2024 (Thursday) to February 29th, 2024 (Thursday) – Ended

Target audience

Residents of Shimabara City


*Free admission tickets are included in the February issue of ‘Kouhou Shimabara’.
*Parking fees apply when arriving by car.


Shimabara Castle Construction 400th Anniversary Executive Committee (Shimabara City Tourism Division)

Shimabara Castle