One of the closest stations to the sea in Japan. Shimabara Railway Omisaki Station

The unmanned Omisaki Station, with the Ariake Sea stretching out in front of the platform, is said to be the closest station to the sea in Japan, it is said to be the closest station to the sea in Japan. On a clear day at high tide, the Ariake Sea and the blue sky spread out before you, the infinity platform with its bright yellow benches and yellow handkerchiefs fluttering in the sea breeze is a popular spot on social networking sites.

The infinity platform has been used as a filming location for many commercials and movies, including McDonald’s.

The “Shiawase no Kiiroi Handkerchief Gacha Gacha” is located on the platform and is called “Shiawase no Kiiroi Handkerchief” in Japan because you make a wish on a yellow handkerchief.

Why not write your wishes for your loved ones as a memory of your trip?

For those planning to visit Omisaki Station by car

The parking lot at Omisaki Station is for pick-up and drop-off spaces only. If you are coming by car, please park your car at Shimabara Station, where there is plenty of parking space.

*Please do not park on private property without permission, as this will cause inconvenience to neighbors.

For visitors coming by car “Omisa Ticket”

The “Omisa Ticket” is sold at the Shimabara Station ticket counter for those who come by car. The “Omisa Ticket” includes one round-trip ticket from Shimabara Station to Omihigashi Station. The “Omisa Ticket” includes a yellow handkerchief and a Shimabara Station parking ticket.



135-2, Omihigashi Hei, Ariake-cho, Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Parking lot

No parking lot


Please take the Shimabara Railway.