Located about a 4-minute drive from Shimabara Railway Omisaki Station near the Ariake Sea, Shimabara Kitada sells specialty products, Shimabara sundries, and souvenirs that make the most of the Ariake Sea and the Shimabara Peninsula, and offers a wide selection of goods that will make you feel like you are traveling around the Shimabara Peninsula.
Shimabara wakame,” “Shimabara kelp,” and “aosa,” which are full of the aroma of the sea, are healthy souvenirs that are appreciated as if they were vegetables from the sea.
Other products such as salted kelp and tsukudani (food boiled in soy sauce) that make the most of Shimabara’s fresh ingredients are also on the shelves.
In addition to local confections, we also offer a wide variety of old-fashioned sweets and famous confections from all over the country according to the season, as well as Japanese sundries that can be enjoyed in daily life, with a seasonal theme. The store also has a “Furusato Books” and “Furusato Sundry Goods” section, which introduces the history, culture, and local cuisine of Nagasaki Shimabara, and you can shop while relaxing by the sunken hearth in one corner of the store.



855 0004
1650-4 Kamenoko-cho B, Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki

Operation Hours

8:30 – 19:00


Open all year round




15 cars available


Approximately 8 minutes from Shimabara IC of Shimabara Road
Approximately 4 minutes by car from Shimabara Railway Daisantou Station
Approximately 12 minutes on foot from Shimabara Railway Sankai Station