Shimabara Onsen Gamadas Fireworks Display

The Festival of Lights, Bringing an End to Summer in Shimabara

The “Shimabara Onsen Gamadasu Fireworks Festival” started in 1993 as a prayer for recovery from the volcanic eruption of Mount Unzen Fugendake and as part of a tourism revitalization project. The “Shimabara Onsen Gamadasu Fireworks Festival” has also become an established summer tradition, and is one of the most popular fireworks festivals in Kyushu, attracting many visitors from within and outside of the prefecture.

Every year, a series of large fireworks are set off in succession, moving the viewers and eliciting applause and cheers. The event attracts not only local residents but also many tourists from within and outside of the prefecture, on the day of the festival, the Shimabara Port Square is crowded with young people and families in yukata (summer kimono).

This year, we will add a No. 15 ball at the end of the event to make it a more substantial firework display.

Traffic Control

Along Route 57 The approximately 800-meter section (red line) between the Shimabara Outer Port Intersection and the Unzen East Trailhead Intersection will be restricted from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
The area around the intersection (green line) will also be closed to vehicles during the same period.


Please use public transportation.

On the day of the fireworks festival, special trains and buses will operate after the event ends.

Tournament Details


Thursday, August 29th, 6th year of Reiwa
*Held in light rain; postponed to August 30th (Friday) in case of rain.


Shimabara Port (7-5 Shimokawajiri-cho, Shimabara City)

Launching time

20:00 – 21:00

Number of launches

Approx. 4,000 (planned)


Mainly fireworks, No. 15 (1.5 shaku), colorful thousand rings, wide starmine, etc.


Please use temporary parking lots.

  • Shimabara City Hall Otesuhama Parking Lot
  • Shimabara City Reigaoka Park Gymnasium
  • Shimabara Seaside Park
  • Shimabara Reconstruction Arena

Shimabara Onsen Gamadasu Fireworks Festival Executive Committee

Event Flyer (Coming Soon)

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