Shimabara Peninsula Prefectural Park “Chichibugaura”
This beautiful, winding 2-kilometer stretch of coastline south of Shimabara Port is called Chichibu-gaura.
In ancient times, it was called Yanagigaura, but it was renamed Chichibu-gaura in commemoration of the visit of the Prince Chichibu’s palace to Shimabara in 1925, when he admired the beautiful scenery here.

In 1792, due to the active volcanic activities of Mt, Bizan (Mt. Bizan), which has a beautiful ridge behind Shimabara City, collapsed, The massive amount of earth and sand buried the castle town and swept into the sea, causing an unprecedented catastrophe. The beautiful islands in front of you are the remnants of Tsukumo Island, Bizan (Mt. Bizan) still bears the fresh traces of those days.

Chichibu-gaura is a well-known marine park, it was designated as Shimabara Peninsula Prefectural Park in 1970.



3543-29 Chichibugaura-cho, Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Parking Fee

Free of charge