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2019.11.19Potential of Agriculture in Shimabara Peninsula

With formers in Shimabara Peninsula

Ryuji Mitsuno

Born and raised in Tokyo, I became bored with my daily life and began to travel outside, and most of my university life was traveling. The trip traveled using various means of transportation (hitchhiking, trains, etc …).

One day, when I went on a trip to Hokkaido, I found that Asparagus was selling directly on the roadside and I stopped by. So I ate what was just boiled asparagus. Then the shock ran from the tongue to the brain. Is there something so delicious? What kind of farmer made such a delicious asparagus? Then I continued my trip with the theme of “I want to eat up delicious food”.

From this time on, I started to see the “people” who are involved in production and primary industries. Not only agriculture, but also fisheries related, I went to the fishing port early in the morning and spoke to the fishermen for communication.

I would like to know everything about Japanese food. Until then, continue my journey.

I decided strongly.

Shimabara vegetables

What I felt when eating vegetables from all over the country was "Vegetables in the country are delicious no matter where." However, Shimabara's vegetables are unique compared to vegetables nationwide. that is,

"Any vegetable in here”

Shimabara has a wide variety of vegetables, four to five times as many as other production areas. There are two main reasons.

・ There are many kinds of soil in Shimabara Peninsula.

・ In the first place the land is small.

Because the land is small, you have to grow vegetables many times in the same land to compete with the large area of the land, so there are many vegetables in season.

Totonou (“TO” means city and “NOU” means agriculture)

We are pursuing “The way of agriculture” as the theme of Totonou. Looking at farmers in Shimabara with my own eyes, there are some farmers who are more concerned with quantity than quality depending on the land. This is because it is in a disadvantageous location, and it costs transportation, but it is difficult for us to solve the good or bad of the land. Agriculture that prioritizes quantity over quality is far from sustainable development. Then, agriculture is steadily declining. However, there are some farmers who have a desire to deliver quality products to customers. Totonou is a company that helps branding such farmers. Shimabara's vegetables still have a future. Please try “Shimabara Vegetables”.


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