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we love shimabara city!

2019.11.18Fresh air to Shimabara

People in Shimabara is modest!

To take advantage of my music experiences.

During high school student, I became involved in music closely with the Wind-instrument Music Club and band activities, and began to compose music mainly. Even after graduating from high school, I went to Tokyo to study music. I believe that music brings people and people together, towns and towns together, and connect the future and the past. I would like to connect many of them with music as one tool.


As an activity, I am currently involved in the creation of BGM of a Castle Monster held at the Shimabara Castle. Using music software, we make music from the beginning by combining various sounds such as shakuhachi and guitar.

Connecting Shimabara and Tokyo through family business

I came back to Shimabara for a year to help with the “Mino head office”. Mino head office is developing bow tie brand re: born. Brands that specialize in bow ties are rare in Japan, so we sell them all over Japan mainly through online shopping. It is also used as a castle monster at the Shimabara Castle. Please look for who is wearing it at the event.


To make Shimabara better, I came to think that staying in Shimabara is a waste. Have people in other prefectures know Shimabara which has high potential and bring things that Shimabara does not have instead . I would like to improve the atmosphere as oepn in Shimabara through exchange and deepen engagement between Shimabara and the outside. So I decided to go back to Tokyo again.

The assets of Shimabara

I think Shimabara has wonderful assets. And it's just something you can't buy with money. History, nature, air, time flow, and above all people. There were also things that I first noticed when someone from another prefecture told me. And, because I am in Tokyo, there are things that I become aware of. I would like to become one of those assets in the future.


Mr. Kenta Shika was born on August 22, 1992. 

Graduated from Shimabara Commercial High School.


For three years in high school, he worked hard on band activities and performed at events in Shimabara (countdown events at Shimabara Castle, Shimabara Music Festival, etc ...) . He performed at a solo concert live at the Shimabara busy hall. 


He went to Tokyo to study music after graduating from high school.Temporary U-turn to Shimabara to help with family business. Currently working for an IT company in Tokyo and managing programmers.


He has been working to connect Shimabara and Tokyo.