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Outing feature

Water springs in Shimabara

Shimabara city is called “city of spring water” for centuries because groundwater from Mt. Unzen springs out at more than 60 places such as Samurai residence, the town of swimming carps and washing place of Hamanokawa in the city, and is selected one hundred exquisite waters of Japan by the ministry of Environment in 1985.

Stroll around Shimabara +α

Let’s have a trip in an exciting city, Shimabara.

The Shimabara Peninsula is a treasure house of magnificent natural landscapes and histories. Let me introduce the way of enjoy those treasures.

 Central part of Shimabara is the area at the place of the Shimabara Castle defined Japan's Top 100 castles and it have remains the atmosphere of the castle town. When spring comes, carps in clear streams along streets start to swim powerfully.

Fashionable and stylish spots in Shimabara

Shimabara of the castle town, Shimabara of “city of spring water”… Shimabara reminds you of Japan's old age. We will introduce you popular and stylish spots using old town atmosphere spring.