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Shimabara Samurai residence

Full of clear stream  and admire Shimabara

The town of spring water and history

Samurai residence is located on the west side of the Shimabara castle.

400m long residence area was a residence town where the lower-class samurai used to live.


That Ashigaru and the gun used to live here. The residences are neatly arranged like a grid,

At the time of creation of land,there is no wall between the neighbors and Like peeking into a gun barrel

The samurai residence was overlooked. So it is called “Teppo-machi (The gun town)”.


Clear water flowing into the center of the street

The water source is at Kumano Shrine in the northwest of Shimabara.

The water is used as drinking water, put Mizu-bugyo and people was strictly managed the water.

Three residences are opened to public.

Torita residence

Residents of Zaimoku-bugyo, Shumon-kata kayaku, Funatsu orai ban, important positions

*Kayaku means a role is a temporary job besides the main job.

The Torita family is an old family since the founding of Matsudaira,

The Lord of Shimabara serving the Lord and transferred to Mikawa Kuniyoshida and

Tanba Kuni Fukuchiyama. In 1669, the family started to live in Shimabara.


Worked as successive Daikan and Korigata-bugyo and 1853-1868

worked as Zaimoku-bugyo, Shumon-kata kayaku, Funatsu orai ban which were executive.

Shinozuka residence

The residence of Korigata Yuhitsu (secretary)

Shinozuka Junemon who lived in this residence was a vassal from the Mikawa (Aichi) era of Matsudaira,

The Lord and accompanied him to Shimabara.

The family continued to 11th generation until the Meiji era,

And mainly worked as Korigata Yuhitsu and Daikan.

Yamamoto residence

Residence of master of gunnery

Yamamoto family’s first Sagoemon who lived here was also

a vassal from the Mikawa (Aichi) era of Matsudaira, the Lord and accompanied him to Shimabara.

For generations the family was a gunnery teacher

And held an important position of the Shimabara domain.

Until 1868, The family served for 13 generations of the Lord in total.

17 stones for 2.

It is said that it is rare for lower-class samurai

To have such a great gate, which was allowed specifically from the owner.