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Shimabara Yusuikan

Shimabara Yusuikan is

Located in the center of “The town of swimming carps”.

It was built in 1925-1940 and

is a wooden tiled flat house.


From 2003 to 2005

Shimabara City has been maintained as it was.

We named it “Yusuikan”

When enjoying Shimabara spring water hopping,

To have you use.

The house is made of Toga (a Japanese hemlock),

Floor plan, fanlight, study, etc.

It is a precious preservation house for knowing the Showa era (1925-1989).

For tourists visiting Shimabara,

It is opened to the public

To take a rest.

From the spring water source on the west side of the house

Water flows through the waterway drawn southward,

Turn east and pour into a pond.

It has become a little elaborated garden.

Azaleas in May seen from the edge,

The “Tsuwa” flowers bloom in November are especially beautiful.

It is a peaceful and quiet place.

What is this? in Yusuikan

In Shimabara Yusuikan

There are seven wonders.

Here are some of them.

A Buddhist altar in the closet!?

When there was a visitor,

you close the closet, ...

A Buddisit altar room changes quickly to a guest room!

What a convenient house!

The regal of fusuma-shoji is one way!?

In general fusuma-shoji are divided into left and right, and aligned in the middle

Here fusuma-shoji doesn't slip in the middle

Here there is a wooden rail on each sheet.

Easy to clean and looks beautiful

It is groundbreaking.

Handmade experience of Kanzarashi!

At Shimabara Yusuikan,

Shimabara specialty Kanzarashi

You can have a handmade experience!

Open 9:00-17:30
Close Open throughout the year
Admission fee free
Address 2-122 Shin-machi, Shimabara city, Nagasaki prefecture
Reservation need a reservation
*A group of 6 people and more, please reserve by the day before you experience.
Contact TEL 0957-62-8102

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