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Seiryu-tei (Sightseeing exchange centre)

Seiryu-tei opened on April 7, 2015 as a base for sightseeing around Shimabara city.

Here, we offer Shimabara Special Quality (SQ) products and sightseeing information in the city.

"Big big carp”

There is a pond in the garden of Seiryu-tei.

A lot of 40-50 cm long

colorful and big caps are swimming in this pond.

What a surprise!

You can see them from both inside and outside the building.

Inside the Seiryu-tei, there is a glass floor area  

And carps are swimming underneath!


The water inside in the pond is the same as the one outside and both are connected,

But there will be no mix of inner and outer carps. Because

Not to breed

The cages are divided with

The inner cage is male

The outer cage is a female

You can feed carps

Time for feeding around June to 9 November

Spring water sculpture “water wheel”

There is a big water wheel next to Seiryu-tei.

You can pump the water and turn the water wheel.

This is a popular spot for Instagram!

Spring spot “Mountain Fountain”

There are many spring water spots in Shimabara.

One of them is Seiryu-tei's “Mountain Fountain”.

The old people used the spring water as a blessing from heaven

And they decided to let it flow naturally.

Make a pond and make it part of the garden,

Make a waterway on the road or 

a common washing place

They used it as part of their lives.

Pass down the thoughts of such old people,

It has existed as part of the lives of local people.

“Water that has been passed down”

So it is said to be “water of fulfillment”.

A heart stone is hidden in this spot!

Try to look for it♪

Shimabara specialty kanzashi

Even in Seiryu-tei,

You can eat Shimabara's specialty “Kanzara”!

There are two types of taste.

● Regular taste

● Lemon taste

Both are 400 yen (tax included).

 Would you like to smack your lips on the Shimabara specialty while looking at those carps?

Basic information
Open 9:00-17:30
Close open throughout of the year
Admission fee free
Parking free (4 passenger cars + a welfare vehicle=total 5)
Contact Shimabara Tourism Bureau
Sightseeing exchange centre Seryu-tei office
TEL 0957-64-2450