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Spring water garden “Shimei-so”

Late 19th century to early 20th century,

Mr. Motozo Ito (the practitioner at that time)

was build it as annex (residence 620.82m2, wooden roof tile approximately 132.23m2)

Because it has an excellent view on all sides

It was named “Shimeiso”.

The garden, it is said, was built sometime between 1926-1943 by inviting Zen monks.

And to the garden pond where colorful coral swims

spring water is flowing about 3000 tons per day.

The front and left side of a room are 

overhanged the pond and the porch is attached to the side.

When you look down on the garden from a tall house

The parlor and the garden are united,

Can only be seen here

A unique and beautiful landscape spreads.

In the square pond located behind the living room

There are four Nakajima,

It has a different taste from the front garden.

* You cannot cross to Nakajima.

The clear water is protected by low stones,

Both pond bottoms are covered with sand,

In the pond there is Sawahi stone.

National registration memorial on July 28, 2008

National registered tangible cultural property on April 25, 2014


It is in the corner of “The town of swimming carps” and it has become a popular tourist spot.

About Shimei-so
Admission fee Adult 310 yen
(18 years and more. Excluding high school student)
Child 150 yen (Student under high school student)
Pre-school child free (Must be accompanied by Adult)
* Travel Agency tour guide, tourist guide, Sightseeing buses
 and taxi drivers are exempt.
* Photographers are charged
Prices will change from October
【Combination Admission fee】
The Shimabara castle
Shimabara Megurin Ticket
Payment Cash only
Not available credit cards and Travel Agency coupons
Discount ●Person with a disability certificate and one companion
Adults 240 yen (18 years old and over * excluding high school students)
Children 120 yen (children under high school)
*Please post your disability certificate.
●There are no group discounts or other discounts .
Visit Context ●Buildings and gardens
●Guide is on-site
●Providing tea (using Shimabara spring water)
●Commemorative admission ticket
Parking No parking at Shimei-so.
Please park at the nearest parkings.
●Yutorogi no yu parking (charged. Large-sized car available)
●King port Jumbo parking (charged. Micro bus available)
●Reikyu Kominkan parking (charged. Passenger car only)
Remarks ●We do not accept in advance
●It may be very crowded in some cases
●We do not know the crowded situation on the day
●The site will be charged from the gate on the road side
●It cannot be used as a charter
●There are no time restrictions for facility tours
●Eating and drinking are prohibited
Contact Shimabara Tourism bureau
TEL 0957-62-3986 (Shimabara port tourist information)
TEL 0957-62-4766 (The Shimabara castle)