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島原城の城キャン お城キャンピングカー泊
しまばらめぐりんチケット 『しまばらめぐりんチケット』発売中!
かんざらし体験 かんざらし手づくり体験!
謎解きお城脱出ゲーム”キャッスルモンスター” 謎解きお城脱出ゲーム”キャッスルモンスター”
忍び込む、夜の城「島原城 夜の陣」 忍び込む、夜の城「島原城 夜の陣」
Safety Information Card 訪日外国人のお客さま向けのインフォメーションカードです。 It is a safety information card for foreign tourists visiting Japan to prepare for disasters.

15 special offers! Just show your “Shimabara megurin ticket (Hop-on Hop-off ticket)”

“Megurin ticket” started from customer voices (questionnair) is a GUIDE BOOK STYLE All in one ticket.
Just show your “Megurin ticket”, You will
★GET ON (bus and train)
★GET IN (Castle tower and Shimeiso)
★GET(a 500ml bottle of spring water with eco-bag or mini “Tenge (Tenugui)”)
★OFFER (Special discount) 


Attraction of Shimabara



Shimabara Sightseeing Guidebook


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Shimabara City is a town located on the Shimabara peninsula in Nagasaki prefecture.  Located on the West side of Japan, it is a beautiful town where castle remains can be viewed during any season.  Visitors can experience historically significant structures dating back more than four hundred years.  Thanks to the volcanic activity in the region, hot springs are available for your enjoyment.  Along the coast, the Ariake Sea extends to provide views and experiences unique to this region, as well as a highly sought after selection of seafood for your pleasure.  Come and experience the history of Shimabara and experience it’s significance to the history of Japan.


Information center


Upon arrival, brochures are available in English, Korean, Simplified Chinese.

"Shimabara Tourism Bureau"
Adress:7-5 Shimokawashiri-cho Shimabara-shi Nagasaki prefecture
TEL:0957-62-3986 FAX:0957-63-5561


Safety Information Card


Please use at the time of a disaster.

観光案内 Tourist information

  • 体験する Experience
  • 観光する Sightseeing
  • 泊まる Stay
  • 島原グルメ Gourmet
  • 島原温泉 Shimabara Onsen
  • おみやげ Shopping

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