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Ganba(Puffer Fish)

The origin

A blowfish is called “Ganba”.


The blowfish is highly poisonous, so

Edo Period,

The lord had issued a ban on eating blowfish.

Still people eat delicious blow fish

and no end of eating it. 

From that,

by the meaning of “I want to eat blowfish 

even if I prepare a coffin by my side” 

(“Gan ba soba ni oite demo tabetai” in dialect), 

then it is called “Ganba” it is said.


At the Ariake Sea, Torafugu (a kind of blowfish) comes to lay eggs 

from March to May from the Goto cape and its surroundings.


In Shimabara Bay, spring is the peak of blowfish fishing,

And the dishes uses Torafugu is called"Ganba cuisine".

it is so delicious that

cultured blowfish and Nashifugu (another kind of blowfish) from the Ariake sea 

has started to appear.


The Cuisine

One of the local cuisine is “Ganedaki”.

First of all, cut off "Ganba", put it on fire,

Parch it  and drain it.

Season with soy sauce, sake or mirin,

(Do not use sugar) Add dried Japanese plum and garlic leaves,

then boil off all the excess water.

The flavour and aroma are excellent and it is very unique.

Another way to enjoy “Ganba” is that 

cut the body a little thicker,

thinly salted, take it to boiling water and put it in cold water afterward.

It is served with sauce of umeboshi with soy sauce, sake and vinegar, and the seasoning such as grated daikon and chilli.

"Yukabiki" is also eaten as a delicacy.

Restaurants where you can eat "Ganba(Puffer Fish)"