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The Origin

After the Shimabara Amakusa Rebellion,

By the influence of the people who emigrated from Shikoku Area,

It is said Imabari (Ehime Prefecture) 's “Igisu tofu” is the derived food.


It goes smoothly down the throat

I cannot resist it.

It is a rustic regional cuisine.


Ingredients of Igirisu: Igisu

In the area facing the Ariake Sea in southern Shimabara,

In the spring tide of June,

When the tide goes off the ocean

“igisu”, deep red colour seaweed on the rock can be found.

Longer than an agar weed,

it is comfortable to the touch. That is the feature of the seaweed.



Types of Igirisu

White Igirisu that no ingredients are inside,

It is used for Buddhist memorial service.

Cut thinly and eat with sesame soy sauce and salad dressed with tofu.

Restaurants where you can eat "Igirisu"