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Hand-stretched somen noodle

The Origin

There are various opinions on the background of why tenobe somen (hand-stretched thin noodles) became the speciality of Shimabara.

(1)Once the land was ruined by The Shimabara Amakusa rebellion, people from Shodo island moved to Shimabara to restore farmer villages. The specialist of tenobe Somen from the migrator from Shodo island protected by the lord of Shimabara and brought the technique into Shimabara.

(2)After Somen culture brought into Japan from China, it was fit the climate of the region and was taken root in this region.


Either opinion, high quality of flour was produced at fertile farmland of Shimabara region and spring water selected 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Water and mild climate make a unique chewy texture and flavoured somen.

Restaurants where you can eat "Tenobe Somen"