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The origin

It is said Shiro Amakusa who was the general of the uprising force at Shimabara Amakusa rebellion in1637 began to cook “Guzoni (soup which contains vegetables, some kind of meat and rice cake)”.

When Shiro was sieged with about 37,000 believers in the castle at the rebellion, he had the farmers stock up rice cakes as army food and collected various materials from the mountains and the sea, then cooked “Guzoni”. The uprising force fought for around 3 months with eating "Guzoni" and nourishing.


The typical way to cook “Zoni” in Shimabara is to simmer plenty vegetables and fish together in a large pot. And it is frequently used bonito soup, several kinds of dried fish and dried seaweed for stock soups which are different taste from each home. The way of cooking is very simple, but the ingredients are used around 10 including yam, burdock, chicken, Japanese mushrooms, steamed fish and rice cakes. The boiled soup with those ingredients harmonize well and brings out “Umami”.

Restaurants where you can eat "Guzouni"