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Transform into a ninja at the Shimabara Castle

Transform into ninja with your family! Let's time slip to the past.

Why do not you turn into a ninja or samurai at the Shimabara Castle?

Since there are a lot of costumes, not only children but also adults can enjoy the dress up ninja or samurai experience. Let your child and mother turn into a ninja, and your father into a samurai with armor. If you wear a costume and take a photo, there is no doubt that it will make a great memory! It is free to wear, so please try it out.

The details of experience
Address 1-1183-1 Jonai, Shimabara City, Nagasaki prefecture
Nearest station Shimabara station, Shimabara railways
Open 9:00-17:30
Close open throughout the year
Admission fee Adult / 550 yen
elementary, junior high and high school students / 280 yen
Group 15 pax and more / 20% discount
The challenged discount / 20 % (show identification booklet for the physically disabled)
Prices will change from October.
Parking fee Passenger car 330 yen, small-sized car 550 yen, large-sized car 1,100 yen, motorcycle 100yen
Contact Shimabara tourism bureau (The Shimabara castle)
855-0036 1-1183-1 Jonai, Shimabara City, Nagasaki prefecture
TEL 0957-62-4766