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Shimabara Onsen adopted Hot spring centralized management system

Which is rare in the whole country in 1967.

It supples hot springs to hotels and inns in the city and some individuals.


There are three places of source:

Motoike source, Motoike second source, Kannonjima source


Currently, the temperature of  the hot spring is 30.1 ° C.

Supply mixture of Motoike source and Kannonjima source

which spring about 500 tons of water per day.

Features of Shimabara Onsen

Shimabara Onsen is colorless and clear.

(However, depending on the facility, hot spring components may become cloudy yellow due to touch with air.)


it ’s neutral, so it is gentle on the skin and smooth,

Especially for cuts, burns and chronic skin diseases.


It is not only for bathing but also for drinking

It is effective for chronic gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, gout and liver disease.


There are 7 fountains in the city and feel free to have a hot spring.


There are two footbaths in the city

It is popular because it is well effect on neuralgia, coldness, joint pain and so on.

The entrance fee is free and it is available 24 hours.

The footpath in the sengen park 

Place: in front of Shimabara Gaiko terminal

Yutorogi no yu

Place: footbath in Gamadasu parking area of Ichiban Gai arcade

Hot spring / day-use hot spring

Hotel Nanpuro Hot spring
day-use hot spring (1,000yen)
Inn Kaibo-so Hot spring
day-use hot spring (600yen)
Hotel Seaside Shimabara Hot spring
day-use hot spring (500yen)
Toyo Tsukumo bay Hotel Hot spring
Shinyama onsen Inn Ue no yu Hot spring
day-use hot spring (550yen)